Andrej Zverev


Andrej Zverev

Born on September 28, 1974 in Georgia.

1992-1997: Art University in Kutaisi Georgia
1990-1992: Artist V. Burlakov’ studio

1993- Exhibition for poet G.Tabidze’s monument opening, Georgia
1994- “Art and War” in St. Petersburg, Russia
1995- “Art and War” in Moscow, Russia
1996- Exhibition at the Kutaisi State University, Georgia
1999- “Action against Mutation” Tbilisi, Georgia
1999- Photo-cinema museum action for the Independence Day of Georgia
1999- “Crazy Horizon” Batumi, Georgia
1999- ”Against Aids” Kutaisi, Georgia
1999- D.Kakabadze Gallery established by the Union of Georgian Painters
After the event he became a member of the Union of Georgian Painters
2000- exhibition in a city bus, action against Zoo:“ Blue Sky”, Georgia
2000- He became a member of the Union of Modern Artists: ART-CLUB (The club for writers, painters, sculptors ,directors)
2000- Spring exhibition by the Union of Georgian Painters
2000- Exhibition for the city days on the White Bridge, Kutaisi, Georgia
2000- Participated in the festival of modern art, Tbilisi, Georgia
2000- Modern Art Festival “Train around the Georgia”, (exhibitions in different cities: Tbilisi, Gori , Khashuri, Zestaphoni, Kutaisi, Samtredia, Ozurgeti, Batumi.)
2000- Tbilisi Modern theatre “Sardaphi”(Basement)
2000- Action ”Child, we apologize to you”
2001- Festival of Modern Art, Tbilisi, Georgia
2001- Festival of Modern Art at the German Centre in Georgia — ”Georgian post culture”
2001- Niko Phirosmani Museum ”Georgian Icon Paint” Tbilisi, Georgia

2001- Action with Kutaisi Rock Band”History of a little planet”
2001- “African time” Moscow, Russia.
2002- “A-CE-KOR planet” gallery in Kutaisi, Georgia.
2010- (ART CLUB) Tbilisi, Georgia
2010- “Plain air” in Riga, Latvia
2011- Stockholm Kista Art-Fair
2012- STOFF- Stockholm Fringe Festival
2012- Theater Giljotin Grey Room Stockholm
2013- Melodybox – Group exhibition Stockholm
2014- International art festival – ”Gubernski ” , Georgia.
2014- Scenography for the music video – band ”Bolshevikings”
2015- Wounded Univers -Theater Giljotin, Stockholm
2015- Song on wood – installation Stockholm,
2015- ”The Crusades” – International festivalen av scen performance PER FORM – 2015 / Theater Giljotin, Stockholm
2015- Art installation & happening against Swedish arms exports, Stockholm (Skeppsbron)
2015- STOFF- Stockholm Fringe Festival
2016- Tales of a Burnt Forest – Studio/Gallery Red Salt
2016- Hej Hej PALS! contemporary performance art festival, Stockholm
2016- International Art Bienal- V Baltik bienale. St. Petersburg, Ryssland
2017- Stockholm independed art fire – Supermarket. Stockholm
2017- Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt
2017- Rånäs Slott, Stcokholm
2017- Galleri Rådarhuset, Vaxholm
2017- Galleri Detroit, Stockholm
2017- ”Satans Demokrati trilogy’s third part” – Satans Död, Stockholm
2018- Fria Fotografers Filial 2018, Kulturhuset, Stockholm

2002- With blue jeans to the sky